Have you ever wondered if there is a place in the world where magic is happening every single moment? Have ever wished that you could be part of this magical world? Well, prepare your broomsticks, because here is your chance!

The Academy of Magic and Science is a high quality educational organisation born in the accelerator of the University Of Cambridge that transports its members to the world of "magic". Cambridge is an exceptional place to learn science through magic. Living in some of the oldest colleges of Cambridge, the students will be immersed in a magical atmosphere of medieval architectural marvels, tranquil green gardens and historic sights.



We teach science by using magic as the springboard for scientific applications from chemistry and electronics to physiology and psychology. We are focused in engaging the audience in a tour to discover the scientific principles behind illusions, perceptions and biases.

We offer our students the unique opportunity to live, study and socialise with fellow students from all over the world, who share the same passion for magic, inquisitiveness and willingness to embrace new experiences. All these, while living in the unique setting of a Cambridge University college.

Our courses are taught by world famous professional magicians and Cambridge University academics and researchers, as well as visiting guest magicians, all experts in their fields.


Our experienced team of world class magicians will teach our students how to present themselves and perform with confidence in front of an audience, how to develop their own magic style. Students will learn how to build their own equipment and create a complete act with a fascinating storytelling inspired by literature references, great minds and philosophy courses. We offer various weekend long to two-week long educational programmes that are designed for a variety of levels, from beginners (no previous skills in magic required) to more advanced students of magic.


- Explore a diverse and enriching curriculum of academic insights
- Build in-depth knowledge of scientific concepts during the unrivalled immersive courses
- Transform love in magic into real life dexterities
- Develop and train transferable skills
- Create a portfolio of illusions and experiments you can master
- Reside in Cambridge’sbeautiful university colleges
- Get inspired but top scientists and performers
- Live the unforgettable Cambridge experience


The Cambridge Academy of Magic and Science has it all. Rewarding knowledge and skills, teaching quality, professional rigour, interesting people in a unique and unforgettable location. All together leading to a winning combination of magic, science, technology and tradition: the best of all worlds. You will discover elements of magic across a wide variety of scientific disciplines and you will create illusions by applying academic knowledge. All you have to do is join us, fasten your seatbelts and together we will experience this amazing journey through the world of magic!


The group of magical school in action in Cambridge, UK